Photos that make the difference


First impressions count; most potential buyers start by looking on the internet to search for properties, the photographs are often the first chance you will get to make a good impression.

We use specialist photographers in architectural photography. They don’t just take photographs they produce stunning images. All our photographers are experienced and highly skilled professionals who are equipped with top of the range professional cameras and lighting equipment. These creative photographers love what they do and are always on the lookout for a unique feature or an imaginative angle.

How to prepare your home

For us to be able to get great photographs on the day, it is important that your property is prepared before we arrive, in a word DE-CLUTTER.

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to remove as much clutter as you can. This will not only help your home look as inviting as possible in the photographs but will also help with the presentation during your viewings.

We have compiled a brief guide designed to help you prepare for our photographer’s visit.

We do not necessarily photograph every room e.g. we never photograph inside garages, utility rooms or sheds, and rarely the smallest bedroom. We suggest that whenever possible you use these rooms to store any unwanted items.


Open all curtains and blinds, all windows should be closed for the duration of the photo shoot.

If possible, have someone look after your dog for a couple of hours while we photograph your home, or simply take it for a long walk. Hide away all pet food bowls and toys.

Clear Kitchen worktops of food, dishes, papers, phone chargers etc. Please keep the sink clear of dishes, cleaning products, cloths and sponges. Cooker hobs should be cleared of any pots and pans, remove any calendars, personal photographs and magnets from the fridge.

Try to hide the waste bins and recycling boxes.

Tidy or remove extension cables or wires around the television, as this can look messy.

Make sure that books are neatly placed on bookshelves and any other clutter such as greeting cards are removed.

Remove toiletries, bottles, sponges and cleaning products from bathrooms. We suggest putting them all in a plastic bag and leaving it in the bath. It’s okay to leave a couple of bottles but no more. Leave only one or two neatly folded towels.

Make sure all clothes and shoes are packed away, try to remove bulky items e.g. fans, exercise equipment and trouser presses from the main bedrooms.

Clear away any personal artifacts like money, mobile phones, jewellery, medication etc.

If you have the chance before our visit to have a few vases of flowers to hand they can work wonders to give a room that extra lift, or simply as a great prop which we can move around to balance out a shot.


We prefer to keep the driveway clear of cars, you don’t necessarily need to do this before we arrive, but be prepared to move them at some point during our visit.

Hide all wheelie bins, recycling waste bins.

Tidy away garden hoses, tools, bikes, footballs and children’s toys.

Please avoid doing the laundry on the day of our visit because clothes hung out to dry are never an attractive feature.

All garden furniture should be uncovered and neatly displayed.

Try and mow the lawn and clear up any scattered leaves before our visit.

Depending on the time of the year, remove covers from swimming pools.

Garage doors should always be closed.